Bjiology Be Damned

The Left is determined to eradicate the perception that men and women are different, a campaign so successful that a biological male can be a woman just by saying he is, or rather saying she is. The eradication of gender proceeds apace, despite the horrifying consequences apparent to everyone of rational mind. The consequences of college co-ed dorm rooms, the consequences of granting to grown male perverts the right to shower with little girls, the posting of women and teen aged girls to military combat units in the name of female equality, the denigration of motherhood and many other examples of gender nullification insanity bodes ill for the future. When confronted with the horror, most simply shrug and say the Left may be committing an atrocity, but they mean well. I don’t believe for one single moment that they mean well. I saw my neighbor Fred and complimented him on his summer frock, and he smiled and said,

I’m giddy as a teen aged girl
As woman I give life a whirl
Construction workers whistle as I walk
I smile demurely all the while
And non-aggressive, that’s my style
And notice how I lisp now when I talk
I love this cute designer dress
Although, my friend, I must confess
That high heels are not comfortable as yet
But when the operation’s done
I’ll be like every mother’s son
A woman and with hardly a regret
Of course as male I ruled the  house
A kind and gentle loving spouse
Who took his manly duties straight to heart
But now as woman I’ve no care
Except to see my new blond hair
Will stay in place as I work at my job
We sewer workers have it tough
We gripe and say enough’s enough
But as a woman I’m allowed to sob
I’ll quit the sewer business when
I find true love but all the men
I meet say I smell bad and look real weird
It’s not the baldness turns them off
And not the dry persistent cough
It seems the main objection is my beard

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