A Grim Understanding

We have to understand that the Left wants us to die, politically if they can do so more or less peacefully, in reality if we resist. Invective is all very well, but the raging, spittle-mouthed screeching of Hitler! and Fascism! directed at President Trump (and us) from the deranged Left has reached insanity levels. Emboldened rioting protesters will only escalate the violence until either they win or they are put down. There will be violence by the Left in their demonic drive to regain power over us, and it will be met with counter-violence. You may count on it; in the very near future a lefty Edmund Ruffin will pull the lanyard and the shooting will begin.

They want to put us all in chains
Made not of iron but written rules
Where nothing of free speech remains
And leftist truth is taught in schools
Re-education camps for those
Who dare resist the lefty line
And as for those who might well pose
A threat to them a box of pine
If leftist power is restored
If violence regains the crown
Conservatives will be marched toward
The cliffs and forced to leap and drown

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