Black Lives Mattress

Colin Kaepernick has a right to kneel or stay seated during the playing of the national anthem, and I have the right to not watch any football team he might be associated with. I do sympathize with him somewhat though, because he got entangled with an Egyptian Muslim woman who was very highly thought of in San Francisco circles because she was also a radical leftist, a radical feminist, an admirer of Fidel Castro and Mao, and an ardent Black Lives Matter activist. One can only sympathize with the pillow talk the man must have endured.

The bedroom dark and pillow talk
Now softly underway
She stroked his hair and said let’s walk
The road we walk today
A road to nowhere, narrow, steep
A road that’s filled with hate
Goddammit Colin, don’t you sleep!
Not on our first damn date!
You do not know the suffering
Of men of color here
You’ve had a life of buffering
Just listen to me, dear
This country is an evil place
The flag, the anthem, all
The white man says those of our race
Must answer when they call
Must bow and scrape and lick their boots
Say yes sir, yes ma’am, bitch
They rule our lives the horrid brutes
And I just get the itch
To kill them all, my pretty one
And you will too as well
You’re getting dressed, you’ve got to run?
Tomorrow? Sure, what the hell

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