Compassionate Killers

Prior to the advent of compassionate liberalism, the Black family was doing all right; not great, but all right. A 1925 study of the Black family showed almost universal two parent homes, no more crime in black neighborhoods than in white, with almost no out of wedlock births. In short, while there was always the problem of assimilation and integration, the Black Family was getting ahead, until the advent of Compassionate Liberalism that believed that government assistance would lift the Black Family into the middle class. The result, as we have seen, was and is, catastrophe. Government policies of welfare destroyed the Black Family. The FDR era program to aid widows with dependent children was transformed into aid for single mothers, with the stipulation that if there was a man in the house when the case worker came around, the check would stop coming. And so now we have a 70% rate of out of wedlock births in the black community, with generations of young black males raised without benefit of a father to civilize and acculturate them, and they grow up, all too often, to be predators and criminals. Compassionate Liberalism has killed the Black Family and left the country with a serious problem, a problem that can only be solved with the reinstitution of the Family as the bedrock of the community. The black community survived much over the decades, including genocide by Planned Parenthood, and if left alone by a compassionate government to solve their own problems all will eventually be all right. But if it isn’t solved, there will be more cities burned, more Black Lives Matter terrorism, and ultimately an undeclared race war. Liberal compassion kills.

At fifteen black girls knew that life
Had already been set
Like mama, never be a wife
A welfare check she’d get
No man around to show the boys
How men should act and be
Instructing in the sorrows, joys
That came with being free
For generations grew the rot
Whole cities ruined lay
Walled into ghettos, then forgot
No work from day to day
The crime and drugs and murder gangs
Grew ever strong and wild
And little girls with labor pangs
Brought forth another child

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