Blade Runner

Science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick has given us a small peek at the future: Asian megacities crowded beyond measurement, and if the future as shown in Blade Runner was not enough, add violent and corrupt local government and security forces, tribal hatred and conflict and simmering, explosive discontent. This is the future of humankind as the passive West slips quietly into the sunset of easeful death and the barbarians return to the Pleistocene to track the ground sloth and the sabretooth.

In darkened alleyways they sleep
While others prowl the glittered lights
Of midnight streets where shadows leap
And murder stalks the stygian nights
Like anthills spread across the land
A-swarm with derelicts and kings
Indifferent to be beggar bands
And jangle of the cell phone rings
The megacities grow apace
Their suburbs touch but then repel
There is no citizen, no race
They are all one in living hell