The Plan

The attempted coup against the newly elected president began with Obama setting The Plan in motion the day after Trump won the election, and would be carried out by the Obama Intelligence agencies and the FBI and Justice Department. We are all aware by now of the nature of The Plan. It seems to me that The Plan has failed, that people will soon be going to jail, and the fallout will reach all the way to Obama and his most inner circle. We do not need three actors to solve this one. This one is being solved by email. The question is, what did they hope to gain by removing Trump and getting Pence? Assassination? They would need Paul Ryan to be in on The Plan. If not Ryan, then remove Ryan to get McConnell? Then the cabinet? In order to make Pelosi president they would have to get rid of Presidents Trump, Pence and whoever Pence selected as his Vice President, then Ryan and whoever he selected as his Vice President, and so on, even if the Dems won the House in 2018. If The Plan was designed to retake the presidency that was theirs by right without having to wait until the election of 2020, then I have the feeling Obama has not thought this thing through. But of course Obama might have had an entirely different outcome in mind. We’ll know when the DOJ Inspector General finishes reading all the emails.

Contrary to the rumor
It isn’t only Schumer
Who got on board with plans to unseat Trump
The CIA said okay
Were all involved in dark black plans to dump
The man that we elected
For someone they’ve selected
To keep in place their power and the swamp
This Trump guy was a stranger
To DC and a danger
And thus to all our status, perks and pomp
We rule because we love you
And though we’re far above you
We treat you well so long as you behave
A world of serfs and masters
The clergy, priests and pastors
And bringing up the rear the free and brave