Blame Game

President Obama and his fevered acolytes in the media are attempting to put the blame for the staggering debt Obama has rung up on George Bush and the Republican House of Representatives. And it just might work. Half the people in this country pay no taxes, so they have no stake in how the country is run. The government sends out 90 million checks every month, so a lot of people just want the checks to keep coming, never mind what the debt means for the country. And a further half of the population, by definition, have IQs below 100, so they believe what they hear on the six o’clock news. So the blame game just  might work. It worked for Truman in 1948.



If Congress not, then who to blame

The Tea Party I guess

Or maybe we’ll just play the game

And say the whole darn mess

Can well be blamed on you and me

Or is it you and I

But blame is blame and we shall see

Obama wave goodbye


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