I Still Love Him

Obama recently vacationed on Martha’s Vineyard, promising to solve the problem of unemployment and tropical storms as soon as he finished playing golf. The beautiful people of Martha’s Vineyard love Obama, and they know why we don’t.



Oh gosh how I still love him

There is just no one above him

He’s so cool and sweet and gorgeous to a fault

Yes for him is how we voted

And we still are quite devoted

As he tries with all his might to bring a halt

To this mess that Bush created

Leaving him with what he hated

An economy and problems to be solved

He was meant to be above that

Doing things that he would love that

Would permit him to play golf, not be involved

In the daily grind’s cruel jangling

And the daily damn fool wrangling

When there are so many crises near at hand

Like his really poor poll numbers

And the jobs don’t reach goal numbers

And the beaches just increase his fear of sand

Yes his day is full of worry

Which is why he’s in a hurry

To vacation here with lovely wife and kids

Yes his problems they are piling

And Republicans are smiling

As his re-election prospects hit the skids

Yes we love him, he’s our hero

And if poll numbers hit zero

We’re still with him ‘cause he’s just the greatest guy

We just ask you cut some slack and

Stop the smearing with the back hand

But you racist bastards won’t and we know why


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