Blinkers On, Changing Lanes

The car in front of me kept switching lanes, blinkers flashing, first in front of me and next one lane over. We both pulled into a diner and I asked him why all the lane changes since we were the only two cars on the road. He shrugged and said,

I’ve been progressive all my life
Progressive kids, progressive wife
But now I practice what I preach
And fear the dangers of free speech
I used to think dissent was good
But now it seems it’s understood
Dissent is just disloyalty
To our progressive royalty
And so I drive with blinkers on
And wonder why deep thinkers fawn
On black masked rioters who’ve learnt
To cheer and laugh at buildings burnt
Professors teaching to despise
Their country with the darkest lies
And so I my friend, my tale of woe
I know not which the way to go
I do not know the dusk from dawn
And so I drive with blinkers on

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