Human Nature And The Typing Pool

We are in another of our frequent feeding frenzies, this time destroying men who have merely been acting like men have been acting for the entire existence of the human race. Their crime? Patting a woman on the ass. Sexual assault is one thing, patting a woman on the behind is another, and yet the two have become the same thing. Feminists have criminalized fooling around, something formerly enjoyed by both sexes. Get the predators out, put them in jail, but ruining the life of a man who did no more than pat a woman on the behind is insane. We all know that the female praying mantis kills and eats her lover after sex, and that is where we now are. And no matter what we do, you cannot change human nature. There will always be guys who pat women on the behind and there will always be predators. And there will always be willing women in the typing pool.

Once secure in certain knowledge
That the right tie and right college
Will protect him as he treasures
Life in all its many pleasures
The celeb who once so ruthless
Finds himself now weak and toothless
As the women he once fondled
Whether red, brunette or blondled
Are now rising to denounce him
And his boss turns to pronounce him
As a cad and loathsome being
Only now he’s truly seeing
But of course he’s one of many
Who’ve been waiting for just any
Chance to show he’s good at mating
And the typing pool is waiting

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