Bo Xilai

The Chinese Communist government has replaced one of their own, a man named Bo Xilai, who apparently has been running a Chinese money laundry, not to mention that his wife is accused of murdering a British businessman. But I think the last straw for the government mandarins was the sight of the former peasant Bo tooling around Beijing in his red Ferrari. When told by the White House mess steward there was no more Beaujolais, Obama said he and Michelle will miss them, they were a fun couple.



Bo Xilai and his lovely wife

Have taken in much laundry

That cost the Brit his very life

And now they’re in a quandary

For party leaders get upset

With guys who dip their fingers

Into the pot and so they get

A punishment that lingers

Who knows what dangers lay in store

For someone must have heard her

Relate how she’d settled the score

By doing that Brit’s murder

A lovely couple the Xilais

I’m sure she took much wooing

He bought a case of Beaujolais

And that was his undoing



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