The Eternal China

In the 80s and 90s Western pundits declared Japan was the next great world economic power. That didn’t turn out so well, so now the pundits proclaim China to be the next great economic power. But there are serious cracks in the great Wall of China. An increasingly older population, vast numbers of single men who will never find a wife due to the Chinese one child per couple policy that has seen female infanticide rise to unheard of heights, and an increasingly fragile economy and banking system that is kept temporarily afloat by government secrecy. But economic reality cannot long be hidden, and when the truth comes out there will come the deluge. But China will survive. The current Communist government may not survive, but China will survive. As it always has.



Famine, flood and Genghis Khan

They all have come and gone

In China things are always dark

Yet always comes the dawn

It matters not the man in charge

For warlords have no name

The Kuomintang or Chairman Mao

The countryside’s the same

The peasant plows his scrap of land

No lord can he discern

His sons will honor him and their

Ancestors in their turn

Eternal as the land they till

As strong as mountains high

The Chinese peasant will prevail

The others flare and die



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