Boehner Boehner

It appears Senator Cruz and the GOP rebels have dragged the Republican congressional leaders kicking and screaming into a fight for the life of the country. Speaker Boehner now says he was for fighting the socialist takeover of the country all along, and I’ll take him at his word, but actions always speak louder than words, so we’ll be watching him, as he has been wont to flutter in the past. Boehner and the Republicans must fight, and they must fight now, or the country is forever lost to the radical Left. Just remember, Mr. Boehner, you are only on retainer.

It’s a no brainer, Mr. Boehner
Yes you must stand up and fight
Here’s your explainer, Mr. Boehner
We are in for a long night
We’ll be the gainer, Mr. Boehner
So we beg you do what’s right
I’m no complainer, Mr. Boehner
Just turn out the White House light

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