Them Dirty Rats

King Barry the First gnashes his teeth in rage at the infuriating way them dirty rat Republicans refuse to surrender, refuse to give up the fight against Obamacare, refuse to raise the debt ceiling and give him a blank check to add on more debt, refuse to call or text him begging his forgiveness. I spoke to him briefly, and this is what he said

My email server always says
I have no messages
And even though I am the prez
I’ve angst and stressages
I check my smartphone frequently
To see if there’s a text
Perhaps one written piquantly
 I’m really getting vexed
That Mr. Boehner gets my goat
He won’t cave in at all
I even sent a little note
I even made a call
These jihadists, these slimy Pubs
Obstructed me for days
But I will show them where it rubs
And change their filthy ways
I’ll win this one, this shutdown war
I’ll make them crawl and moan
And then I’ll even up the score
I’ll not answer the phone

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