There are those who say Barack Obama is whistling past a graveyard when he smiles and say all is going well with Ukraine, with China, with Syria and Iran, and any number of foreign policy disasters. Barack Obama is not whistling past the graveyard, Barack Obama is IN the graveyard, crouched behind a convenient headstone, and when Putin or Assad or Kim Jung Un or other unsavory character walks past he jumps up, makes a face, and cries “BOO!” believing the world trembles at his words. I asked President Obama just the other day what his foreign policy was, and he said,

I make a face and roll my eyes and then I holler “BOO!”
And mighty tyrants tremble at my voice
I fix them with a steely stare and then cry, “I MEAN YOU!”
Thus leaving them with very little choice
Defy me and such consequences terrible to bear
Will be their lot and everlasting shame
And if they thumb their nose at me and say they do not care
There’s always little Georgie Bush to blame

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