Time To Trade Him In

To those who say they don’t care how often President Obama golfs, it keeps him from getting the country into trouble. To that I say Obama has driven the United States to the edge of the cliff financially, by doubling the debt to untold trillions of dollars, militarily by reducing the military to before WW2 levels in an increasingly hostile world, and politically by reducing the authority of the United States and its president to the point where even tinpot dictators like Assad in Syria view Obama with much deserved contempt. I say we have an incompetent president, we might as well go out and hire a competent golfer.

If we hafta have a golfer for a president, I say
Then why not get a good one for the job
I’d rather have a Palmer or a Nicklaus any day
Or maybe someone from the Jersey Mob
At least the mob guys only steal our money and our wives
Our freedom’s safe as ever in their hands
They’d be content to take the dough and stay out of our lives
As president we’d all know where he stands
The current White House occupant’s a shadow on the wall
A pivot here, a divot there, a smirk
I’d rather have Dick Nixon back, his tapes and warts and all
And Kissinger looks like he needs the work


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