Brother Can Youse Paradigm

A paradigm is a model, a mold, a template, and in political terms a paradigm can be considered to be the dominant ideology, the dominant form of government. At the moment the dominant form of government in the United States is state based socialism, which, if recent elections are any indication, is on its way out. The last paradigm shift in the US occurred with the advent of the Great Depression, the election of FDR, and the gradual devolution of the US from a previous form of governance and culture to the governance and culture we have now. Whatever the new paradigm may be, I hope it won’t result in a replay of the unemployed singing, Brother Can You Spare A Dime.

The paradigms come faster now
Technology on Speed
Producing things beyond our ken
As well beyond our need
A bouncing baby born today
Will shortly be in school
To find that he is one more cog
Just one more fragile tool
That better minds than his control
His every mood and thought
Computer minds that rule the world
With every human caught
In spider webs of silicon
Connecting all to all
Directing actions from afar
While not a leaf may fall
Without the notice taken by
Machines in machine time
While huddled hungry masses ask
Brother can youse paradigm

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