The Circles Of The Moon

Back in the 1920s RAF pilots flying over the North African desert saw large circular outlines like wheels beneath the sand. Almost a hundred years later, despite great advances in technology and understanding of ancient peoples, Professor David Kennedy of the University of Western Australia can still say, “For now the meaning of the wheels remains a mystery.”

Would the wand’rers of the desert
View the circles of the moon
As messages from God to those below
Not knowing that the circles were
Great craters ages old
And not the word of God they could not know
And thus constructed wheels of stone
To answer the great God
They watched the golden moon both wax and wane
And when the circles rose again
They understood that God
Had spoken but they read the text in vain
But presently the shaman read
What seemed to be a verse
Encrypted in the message they’d received
Declaring that the builders of
The wheels would rule the world
To find that once again they’d been deceived
And so the wind and time and sand
Upon the stone wheels crept
The wanderers would never know that they
Misread the text for they had used
The wrong encryption key
And had they not they’d rule the world today

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