Bumper Sticker

Nancy Pelosi, the very embodiment of the Left as your lying momma, has again lied through her capped teeth, all the while smiling the rictus smile of the rhinoplasticked undead. What did she lie about? Nothing important. Lying is just the default position of the Democrat Left. They can’t help it, even when, as in this case, the record has been printed and the lie instantly perceived. But she doesn’t care. What did she lie about? She said she had never been briefed about the bin Laden take down operation, when she had been, and everyone knew she had been. Again, why did she lie about something she had no reason to lie about? Because that is what she does, that is what the Democrats do. It’s in their DNA. But at least it gave us a chance at a bumper sticker.



We know she lied and here’s the kicker

We’ll just print up a bumper sticker

Pelosi lied

Osama died

I wish we’d got the bastard quicker



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