Who I Was Born To Be

Blue eyed blond Elizabeth Warren, Democrat running against Senator Scott Brown for the Massachusetts Senate seat that used to belong to the Kennedys, was admitted to Harvard Law School under its diversity program because she was Native American, even though it turns out she had not a drop of Indian blood in her entire system. In Australia, a couple of blue eyed blond men sued the government, claiming their right to be Aborigines if they wanted to be, thereby qualifying for government largesse, and the court ruled in their favor, saying that ethnicity has nothing to do with it, you are who you want to be. Who knew I could be Hiawatha if I wanted to be?



By the shores of Gitchie Gumee

By the shining Big Sea Water

Lived a maiden who said, Who me?

You say I’m a big chief’s daughter?

But I’m blond with sparkling blue eyes

Viking blood within me flowers

Yet you speak compelling true lies

So their blood is also ours

Trace my bloodlines through the prairies

Through the woodlands dark and dreary

Though my family bloodline varies

I can trace it though ‘tis weary

I am African because I

Know that in my bones I am one

Though I must reflect and pause I

Think that I could never scam one

I’m a Mongol, that’s the ticket

Golden Horde and made of felt yurts

Born on horseback in a thicket

Mama’s blood just laughs at felt hurts

Still in all whatever suits my

Ethnic wishes so I will be

Being blue eyed only moots my

Wish to get it while it’s still free



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