The French people have reacted to the Muslim killings of cartoonists and policemen in typical Western fashion: they have held candlelight vigils. I have been waiting for the news of burning mosques throughout France, but sadly saw only candlelight vigils. Lighting candles only deepens the Islamic contempt for the feckless West. What is needed is not candles and vigils but vengeance.

Burning mosques, how sweet the scent
Show the Western knee unbent
Hear the women’s keen lament
The Knights of Saint John live

Burn the mosques and kill the Imams who set the murderers in motion. Round up the Muslims and send them back to North Africa. Allow those who resist to stay, but make it clear they will stay in a hole six feet deep.

Killing killers is no sin
Not if you expect to win
Muslims do not wish us well
It’s them or us, the sword will tell

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