The Setting Of The Sun

Muslim gunmen put a gun to the head of a young woman staff member of a French satirical magazine and said they would kill her and her baby if she didn’t give them the code to the locked door. She gave them the code and the gunmen invaded the Paris office of the magazine where they killed two unarmed policemen and ten staff members and wounded fifteen others. The reason for the killings? The magazine had committed the crime of publishing an unflattering cartoon of Mohammad. The West faces an existential threat, and our leftist self-anointed elites refuse to see it. But others will.

The code is set, the door is locked
But still the deed is done
The Muslim stops at nothing
And of mercy he has none
The moment comes for you and me
It comes for everyone
To see jihad as clearly as
The rising of the sun
The gauntlet thrown, the bloody knife
More deadly than the Hun
The war between the Muslim and the West
Has now begun
The war of our survival
As a culture must be won
Or else we face destruction
And the setting of the sun

The offices of the magazine had been firebombed some months earlier, the editor had been condemned to death by the Muslims, and the French sent two UNARMED policemen to guard them, showing how unserious the West is about the killers we refuse to identify by name, and the name is Islam.

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