Cabin In The Sky

Why do liberals all mightily resist school vouchers, school choice for kids of low income parents, while the kids of liberals go to private schools? Why did slave owners keep their slaves in cabins and forbid schooling to the slaves? The answer to both questions is the same: control. Control over the lives of the people on the liberal plantation, beholden to the liberal government for their very existence, and thus a guaranteed voting base for liberal politicians. The liberals have offered a segment of the population a cabin in the sky, and they have taken it. And like most very simple things, it works. 



The liberals know these little kids

On whom their parents dote

Will one day soon be guaranteed

To swell the liberal vote

For those who’ve kept them locked in chains

In schools where failing grades

Are norms the liberals strive to keep

That’s why there are no trades

Allowing kids in failing schools

To opt out and to know

Much better schools just like the ones

Where kids of liberals go

If politics is where you are

A member of the left

You want your base beholden to

The liberals who are deft

At keeping kids of welfare moms

From getting up too high

‘Cause if untaught then they’ll accept

Your cabin in the sky



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