Academic Freedom

The argument over school vouchers has diminished somewhat over the past few years, the teachers unions having successfully fought off the rights of parents and children to acquire an education, but it will never entirely die. Parents understand that the teachers unions have not the interests of the children at heart, but the interests of the unions. The unions, of course, piously proclaim that their only concern is that the children receive their education from dedicated, devoted teachers, and not from some non-union scab.   



You can’t have parents telling us

How we should teach their kids

The next thing they will want is for

Construction out for bids

We of the unions know what’s best

For Johnny and for Jane

We do this job quite out of love

We never look for gain

We dote on cherubs’ little smiles

Our love fills swimming pools

But parents must have not a say

In how we run our schools

Our teachers rarely pass a test

Before they teach a class

And any parent who objects

Well they can kiss my …



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