Call Center

The Obama administration has hired call centers in Mumbai, India, to handle questions about Obamacare. This is rich. The incomprehensible explained to the non-comprehending by the non-understandable. But not to worry, this is all part of the larger plan. The last thing Obama wants is for the public to understand what’s in Obamacare.

Obamacare is good for you
Your Foddah and your Muddah
Until you find Mumbai is too
The black hole of Calcutta
I tell you that Barack is sly
He sets it up so that Mumbai
Becomes the keystone of his plan
Of perfect health for every man
And every woman, pet and child
And all in reach and eas’ly dialed
Connected swiftly to a voice
You listen closely and the choice
That is presented sounds quite good
But that’s because you understood
Her words to say not what she said
But something different instead
And so you sign on dotted line
And thus avoid Obama’s fine
And then you find to your dismay
Obama had it planned this way
Confuse the caller more and more
With English accented so poor
That left is right and right is left
All proving that Barack is deft
At pulling wool down over eye
Oh yes the man is very sly

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