The Means And The Ends

Saudi Arabia has turned down the invitation to sit on the UN Security Council, in protest of Obama’s cozying up to their mortal enemy Iran. Are the Saudis truly upset with Obama? Probably not. They’re just going on record, for they know full well Obama does not have the means to gain his ends. They understand that makes the situation dangerous, but they are confident their money and influence in the region can contain the loose cannon in the White House.

George Bush gave Texas Howdys
To his friends the oil rich Saudis
And son W of course did much the same
And the Saudis they were loyal
Just so long we bought their oyal
It meant nothing, just the way you played the game
But Obama knowing nothin’
Of the feudin’ and the futhin’
That went on between the White House and Riyadh
Had his eye on a grand bargain
With Iran and so his jargon
Always ended with the words So Help Me God
Words that left the Mid-east scoffin’
As Iran prepared the coffin
For our friends and allies ‘Bama set adrift
Mid-east teeth were set to gnashin’
Some amused and some with passion
And the Saudis let it known that they were miffed
Now it’s come to O’s attention
That his very least intention
Causes hurt and doubt with those who thought us friends
But Obama is contriteless
As in Gaza he is sightless
And the Saudis know his means won’t buy his ends

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