Candles, Flowers And Bears

Once more a Muslim kills innocent children and the authorities respond with soothing words and candlelight vigils. It is time to become anti-vigils, and if the political leadership insists on surrendering we must become vigilantes.

Scented candles, fresh cut flowers, smiling teddy bears
Mark the scenes of carnage but no politician cares
They look so grave, they say the words, the Muslims are our friends
Dead little girls, their bodies torn, are just the normal trends
Of life today and we must not let bigotry appear
For once we start to hate then surely end of times is near
And so the West is unalarmed at missiles on the pad
And mullahs, North Koreans who intend to destroy MAD
Proceed to build the weapons that will kill us all one day
While in the West the leaders in full confidence still say
That come the day the missiles fly and cities turn to ash
We shall not strike in fury, nor will use the wicked lash
We fall not to their level, we maintain our vacant stares
As we mourn among the candles and the flowers and the bears

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