The Meaning Of The Words

The Left has always relied on redefining the meaning of words to advance their agenda. Orwell showed how it worked. The Ministry of Propaganda became the Ministry of Truth. War became Peace and Peace became War. Political Correctness is simply the Left doing what it always does. The radical American Left realizes that to attain permanent power they must first destroy the First Amendment right to free speech, for free speech is the foundation of democracy. To that end, the Left has largely succeeded in brainwashing an entire generation of university students to regard free speech as hate speech, where  “white privilege” is a dirty word, and a campus “safe space” means no whites allowed, to name but a few. And now they are well on the way to changing the meaning of the words “incite violence”. When the paid campus rioters keep a conservative speaker from speaking, the reason given is that the conservative speaker will incite violence. Note that it is the Leftist rioters who are inciting the violence, but when the media repeat the reason given by the university administrators for denying free speech, it reinforces the Leftist claim that it is the conservative speaker who is inciting the violence. Words matter, and the Left knows it. And once enough words have changed their meanings the very nature of the country will be changed, democracy will be lost, and all without firing a shot or the majority of the people knowing it. (Cue the BeeGees.)

Words, those alphabetic words
Whose meanings seemed so dear to me
Are now, in flux upon the wind
And somehow now not clear to me
The words that once had guaranteed
The freedom and the leanings of
The left, the center and the right
The Left has changed the meanings of
And now, we face the darkened time
Progressivism has in store
For those who think speech should be free
And not to run us on the shore
To perish at the will of those
Who say that slavery makes you free
Just words, those alphabetic words
Whose meanings are so dear to me
Where rocks and smashing waves will stay
The hand of those who fight
And night descends
Upon the once great land
So bright in freedom’s light
Where night descends
Upon this once great land
So bright in freedom’s light

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