Can’t Believe He’s Still Here

Obama is still here, still driving the country hard for the cliff. To Jimmy Buffett’s When The Wild Life Betrays Me.



Can’t believe he’s still here

With the cliff edge so near

And the answer so clear

Can’t believe my own eyes

Can’t believe the man’s lies

And it’s not a surprise

Yes the lefty’s betrayed us

He has done us great wrong

Yes the lefty has played us

Will we let him, or will we be strong

We have heard his lies for much too long

Can’t believe he’s still here

But election draws near

And the answer is clear

Clean the rats one and all

Hear the sharp freedom’s call

In the 2012 Fall

When our campaign’s succeeded

And the country’s secure

And the lefty’s defeated

We will take back our country once more

And steer a course safely for shore

Yes, the lefty’s betrayed us


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