Darkness At Noon

President Obama addressed the nation Monday, assuring us the debt crisis was not his fault and that things would only get better were it not for those damned Republicans. Grim faced in denial, Obama comforted us by laying the blame for the downgraded bond rating and the coming economic catastrophe on the Tea Party, entirely unaware of the headlong rush of the icy waters of calamity and the descending darkness at the unlikely hour of noon.



Down the mountain

Raged like thunder

Icy mountain streams

Sweeping cities

And the townsfolk

Of their hopes and dreams

While at high noon

In the White House

All was quite serene

No one noticed

That the darkness

Drifted in unseen

Smiling broadly

O assured us

Things were better soon


White teeth flashing

Wrapped in his cocoon

Down the mountain

Icy water

Singing that old tune

Come depression

Water rising

Darkness at high noon


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