Middle Easterners in their millions are banging on the gates of Europe, demanding to be let in, and many in Europe are willing to comply, even knowing that to do so spells doom for their own Western society and culture. But they don’t care about Western culture and society, they believe that a Muslim Europe will simply imply the substitution of one religious mythological superstition for another, with nothing else changed. They are mistaken. In the waning days of the Roman Empire, with the Goths banging on the Hungarian Gate, an elderly Roman Senator was asked the reason for the collapse of a once great empire. The Senator thought for a moment, then said, “Carelessness.” And so it is today, though perhaps it is more ‘care less’ than’ careless’.

To some the world is like a drifting bubble
A child has formed with water and some soap
That carries off the cares and woes and trouble
That interferes with dreams of change and hope
They care not that their country is in danger
They think surrendering is just plain fair
Believing hate the friend and love the stranger
And if it ends not well they could not care

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