The Palace

The Democrats believe they will inherit the Earth by importing vast numbers of plantation slaves who will vote for them in perpetuity. The Democrats are mistaken. When the plantation provides the majority of votes they will vote, not for Democrats, but for their own, and will build them palaces from which to rule, and fashion bejeweled diadems with which to be crowned.

The Palace shone with inner light
Of gleaming marble, scented wood
Behind the gated iron fence might
Where once the sacred White House stood
Inside the Emperor held court
His every word a curt command
Where ruffians of every sort
Carried out his least demand
Beyond the fence the restive crowd
Holden back by green shirt yobs
Pressed demands and pressed them loud
Screaming for their long lost jobs
All around them, taunting, jeers
Came from the illegals crowned
By the Emperor as peers
Of the citizens unbrowned
Open borders, welcome hands
From the South and Middle East
Came the hordes from foreign lands
Came the hungry to the feast
Open borders, streaming hordes
Come by foot and come by boats
Conquerors but not by swords
Emperors new crowned by votes

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