Charley Chan

Great excitement! Mysterious contrail off the California coast. Was it a missile? If so, who fired it? No one knows. Some say, with great authority, that it was a jet contrail, that the perspective makes it look like something it isn’t. What the government is reluctant to say is that it was a missile, and that it was launched by submarine. But whose submarine? Verse-afire has its suspicions.



Yankee think we Charley Chan

No washee if no tickee

If you can do then so we can

We sneak up and be tricky

Our submarine he creep along

Until he see the U S

He laugh because he not belong

The gai jin he be clueless

He think the Chinese be the one

He think we be forgetting

We not forget, the Rising Sun

Be rising, not be setting

Oh yes, you bomb and paper sign

We bow and smile, it ended

But not for those who most condign

Not over, but suspended

And now we show what we can do

To land of milk and Fonda

We laugh as launch into the blue

The first one billionth Honda



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