Leaves Of Figs

The election is over, and the good guys won. Economic conservative Democrats are in open revolt against the Dem Progressive elites who have driven the party to the edge of the cliff, and Dem politicians in red states who adopted the fig leaf of opposition in principle to the Progressive agenda while voting for it were swept away. And good riddance.



They hid beneath the threadbare leaves of figs

They hunkered down in golden DC digs

With elephants now dancing merry jigs

Dem grins are now a frown

The left is screaming madly “We were right!”

The non-left Dems have given up the fight

The Dems were done after that lovely night

They’re all run out of town

A massacre is what we had in store

Past time the people evened up the score

Cry like the fearsome raven, “NEVERMORE!”

And kick them while they’re down



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