Charming Billy

Bill Clinton has written a book in which he says the country is in a state of malaise, and all its ills are caused by the Tea Party, while praising Occupy Wall Street thugs and rapists as the genuine voice of the American people. Bill has always been good for a laugh, though you always feel like you had to wash your hands after listening to him.


Charming Billy: A traditional folk song.



Where have you been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy

Where have you been, Charming Billy

I have gone to see malaise, and wherever do I gaze

I see right wingers hating all us others

Have you seen OWS, Billy Boy, Billy Boy

Have you seen OWS, Charming Billy

I have seen OWS, and if I don’t miss my guess

They are good kids and loving all the others

Do you still sit at a desk, Billy Boy, Billy Boy

Do you still sit at a desk, Charming Billy

Yes I sit there all unzipped, while the little girlie sipped

She’s a young thing and cannot leave her mother


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