Checks Or Cash

For many years now there has been an unholy alliance between the Democrats and the public sector unions. The unions gave large sums of money to Democrats and voted them into office, and in return the Democrats gave the unions whatever they wanted in terms of wages, pensions and health care. But anything that is unsustainable will not continue forever, and now the states are broke and electing Republicans who vow to stop the financial bleeding. The teachers and other members of the public sector unions will have none of it. They care not that the state and the taxpayers are broke, they will not give up their ill gotten gains. I spoke to a union leader in Wisconsin a moment ago, and this is what he said:



I’m telling you we’ll hold the fort

We’re keeping what we did extort

From Democrats who looked to us for votes

Why should we kneel and give it back

To this elected Repub hack

He wants a fight and you can hold our coats

We know the State is broke and poor

We know bankruptcy is in store

We know taxpayers are all out of jobs

But we have earned what we have gained

And though you see me hurt and pained

We’re union and we’re better than those slobs

We’ll close the schools and fight no fires

We’ll bust your nose and slash your tires

We’ll do what all it takes to keep our stash

We don’t care that you’re in a hole

It’s Repubs out, that is our goal

The Dems will keep it coming, checks or cash


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