Enter Stage Left

The world is but a stage, and we are all either players or spectators in the drama. Of the players, President Obama is the most electric, bestriding the stage and world in giant’s boots, smiting foes and soothing fevered brows with a calming word. What’s that you say, the Emperor has no giant’s boots, in fact the Emperor has no clothes at all? 



Yes all the world is but a stage

At least so said the Bard

And Showtime now is all the rage

And O is on the card

Embracing all with limelit smile

He strides in from stage left

The utter coolness of his style

Hides fact he has no heft

He mouths the words that others write

By now we know the score

We’re getting close to closing night

We’ve less than two years more


You say you love the weird, the fantastical, the romantic? Then you need to read CHRYSALIS. The love scenes with the medusa are worth the price of admission alone. 



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