Christmas Greetings To A Doubter

Do we live in a world where babies smile and birds sing? Where the sun rises on pristine beaches and distant mountain tops are covered with snow? Where children play while grandparents look on lovingly? Yes we do, though there are those who believe a beneficent and bountiful God had nothing to do with it.

A Christmas greeting, though you doubt
I know your point of view
You say that it is all about
Enrichment for the few
Explain then why the birds can sing
And children play all day
And why do Fall days have that zing
That takes your breath away
Explain you cynics, how the bee
Can find his way back home
And fashion geometrically
A perfect hexacomb
And while you’re at it, tell me please
Why starlight flows in streams
And why is it one always sees
Himself as young in dreams
I’ll tell you why, you cynic you
The truth you will not hear
The Christmas story is all true
And happens every year


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