Our Own Cincinnatus

The country is in dire peril, from rapidly climbing ruinous debt that will beggar us all, to a left wing agenda foisted upon us by the lefty politicians, media and academia that will lead to socialist stagnation and death. The country needs a Cincinnatus, a man who will put down his plow and come to Washington to save the country. But who? Do we have a Cincinnatus waiting in the wings, waiting for the call? I dunno.



He put down his plow, forsaked he the toil

As perilous times Rome befell

And duty fair done he returned to the soil

To the farm that he loved oh so well

Perilous times are now with us today

Our walls under siege every side

By those who’d destroy us and lead us astray

From Washington where they reside

Our own Cincinnatus is now what we need

A fighter who won’t stand there mute

As lefty agendas so quickly proceed

A Shane-like gunslinger like Newt

Or maybe a Romney, his eyes cool and clear

A Cooper who waits for high noon

And walks down the street as the danger draws near

We need him, and we need him soon

Obama must go, but not easy the task

And that’s why a man made of steel

Is needed to clean it up, and all that we ask

Is that Lefties are ground ‘neath his heel


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