Stealing Money

The Obama administration has thrown almost a trillion dollars down the green energy rat hole with nothing to show for it but a cascade of bankruptcies, with the money gone with a shrug of leftist shoulders. Lefties don’t care how they spend the taxpayers’ money, just so long as they, the Lefties, feel good about themselves for trying to save the planet. But where did all that money go? I spoke to a very successful man recently, and he was happy to tell me where at least some of that stolen money went.



I own a solar plant, he said

We run all year deep in the red

But still we make a profit huge

That keeps my girls in pearls and rouge

The governmental subsidies

Make sure the economic breeze

Blows only warm sweet air our way

And no one’s hurt, taxpayers pay

I tell you this here climate hoax

Has got to be one of those jokes

That has them rolling in the aisles

In industries that make their piles

From green jobs that just make no sense

And notice I make no pretense

Of claiming that my work is real

Like drilling oil or making steel

But this is where the action’s hot

And green will rule it, like as not

For months to come if not for years

Because by spreading needless fears

The money comes a-rolling in

To topple like a bowling pin

All criticism skeptics lie

At all our feet, why do they try?

So yes I’m happy all the time

‘Cause stealing money is no crime



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