Clover Green

We have lost something very special, something wonderful. We have lost the American dream. It was not Obama alone who took the dream from us, it was decades of leftist ideology that prepared the way. And yet the dream is only lost, not dead. We shall, out of love for our country, of love for liberty, again climb that hill where sits the shining city of remembered dreams.

I dreamed we walked together
Through a glowing golden mist
We thought would last forever
And all tyranny resist
We walked through cool green clover
To the hills so far away
But the dream by then was over
And alone in dark I lay
Thinking that the dream was real and
You were yet my country still
And my heart and soul would heal and
We would reach that far off hill
When again we’d walk in dream mist
Over cool green clovered fields
Toward the hills so far and sun kissed
And the golden dream glow yields
To the land we walked together
In the distant wondrous time
When we promised that forever
To the highest hill we’d climb
This short dream will soon be ending
For you’re with us every day
And the future we’ll be spending
On that hilltop far away

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