A Hacking Cough

Hillary Clinton has been bothered with a hacking cough for some time, and while it seems of little concern to some, it is of much concern to me. It isn’t the cough that bothers me, it’s the hacking. The best thing about computer voting, according to a Democrat friend, is that the votes are there to be counted any way you want them counted, so easy it is to break into the servers and manipulate the totals. He winked and said, “But of course we would never do such a sneaky, underhanded thing.”

The Dems come out attacking
The guy the Pubs are backing
Though venom they are lacking
Because they know the score
Adept at vote hijacking
In ballot boxes packing
In recent years it’s hacking
That wins the race for sure
The server locks they’re cracking
They’ve ducks lined up and quacking
Pub totals they’re unstacking
And placed in the Dem store
The RNC is wracking
Their brains at the shellacking
And cry as they’re unpacking
Their victory once more

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