Foreign governments complain that the United States is violating international law by leaving the Paris Accords and renewing trade deals and such, but international law is whatever the big guy says it is. Twentieth and twenty-first century institutions of international law were always a means to constrain Colossus, who was constrained only to the extent to which he agreed to be constrained. When Donald trump decided Colossus would no longer be constrained by institutions, laws and agreements inimical to Colossus, Colossus was unconstrained, and no one could do anything about it, any more than Thrace could constrain the Roman senate.

Colossi always strode the sky
Some for good and some for ill
And lasted for the blink of eye
The Hittites, Carthage, dead and still
So too Colossus makes the rules
And does what’ere Colossus deeds
Be not in conflict with the tools
Colossus feels Colossus needs
To keep the peace and maintain law
For that brief time the goddess gives
And when he dies then nature raw
Will rise again and chaos lives

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