Youthful Days

When I think of my youthful days
And of the very many ways
I diced with danger, laughing at the game
I climbed tall trees and billboards too
I truly did enjoy the view
Up high where eagles soared and called my name
I rode my bike at breakneck speed
And even when I’d start to bleed
From falling down or running into trees
I’d laugh it off and go on home
And douse it with mercurochrome
And put a bandaid on my bloody knees
But what at six seemed fearsome height
In retrospect it almost might
Seem not so far from ground and less than mild
And bike rides where I thought the hills
So steep they caused tremendous spills
Were little tiny bumps and nothing wild
Today when I am gray and old
I find that I am less than bold
And pleased that carefulness is now my style
I think of when I climbed those trees
And rode my bike swift as the breeze
And have to close my eyes and nap a while

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