Comfort Girls

I believe the North Korean attack on Sony has deeper roots than a perceived insult to Dear Leader. Sony is a Japanese company, and the Koreans, north and south, fiercely hate the Japanese and everything Japanese. And with good reason. Remember that Japan ruled the Korean peninsula for a good many years, and not gently either. The Japanese treated the Koreans as less than human, with the men sent to slave labor camps and the young women sent to Japanese Army brothels. It is my understanding the decision not to release the movie was made in Tokyo, and may very well have been the Japanese version of White guilt syndrome. Not that any of this relieves Obama from his obligations to protect and defend the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic, which now seems a conflicted obligation since it is Obama who is the domestic enemy. And yes, we live in interesting times.

Yes some wars are often phony
As is this one now with Sony
With North Korea saying now it’s clean
With Obama on vacation
Sony’s movies on location
Have to stop and wonder what it all can mean
What it means is that the Other
Now positioned as Big Brother
Has determined that Obama will not fight
And the enemies befriended
And the allies he’s offended
See the world go dark as Hussein dims the light

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