Russia is now selling a containerized missile system to anyone with the money to buy. The idea is you load the container on a ship, anchor it in an unsuspecting harbor, raise the container lid, and the missile rises to the vertical and is ready to fire. Now all anyone needs is an atomic warhead. What’s that? Oh yes. I forgot. The muslims already have Pakistani warheads, so now all they need is a ship. What’s that? Oh, right. We’re okay. The Department of Homeland Security is on the job and they’ve just issued a decree that everyone has to take his shoes off before boarding the ship. 



For many years

‘Mid cheers and jeers

We practiced full containment

Of every threat

The Soviet

Advanced for its attainment

And now I see

That for a fee

Come missiles and a trainer

So now we must

Instead of trust

Examine each container



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