The River Of War

The countries of southern Europe are teetering on the brink of financial disaster, default of overwhelming debt a near certainty for such as Portugal, Greece and Spain. And all because of the socialist Ponzi scheme the countries of Europe ran, borrowing from foreigners to pay the interest on previously borrowed money, all to pay the fat salaries and pensions of their government workers. Gone are the days of the silver fleets anchoring in Cadiz to offload the treasure of the Americas. Now the money flows the other way, and the ships are but ghosts in the night.



Down the Gualalquivir, the old river of war

From Seville to the sea and then west

To the sun spattered lands of the Aztecs they bore

Men of steel, men at arms, Europe’s best

That was then, this is now, golden days are long gone

When the ships and the men put to sea

And returned with the gold to Cadiz with the dawn

A fair harbor and safety to lee

The Platte fleet now sails in the night in the dreams

Of a nation now somehow laid low

By the socialist nostrums and socialist schemes

Of the leftists who could not say no

To the unions and others who held out their hands

For the good things the leftists could give

Now the rivers of war water sparse and dry lands

And the dream of the past does not live




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