Conversion And Betrayal

A young Palestinian man named Mosab Hassan Yousef converted to Christianity and joined Shin Bet, the Israeli internal security arm. I have no problem with young Mosab converting to Christianity, but to give up one’s religion for another is one thing, to then work for the enemy is another. There is a difference between conversion and betrayal. If Mosab had converted to Christianity and declared himself ready to take the consequences, I would have applauded him; but to then work for Shin Bet, against his own people, no matter that I think the Israelis are in the right and the Palestinians in the wrong, leaves me with a queasy feeling.



Constantine betrayed his god

To follow the New Way

It worked out well for Constantine

We honor still today

Some others though did not do well

Betrayal did not pay

The thirty silver pieces did not

Keep the rope away

When General Arnold beat Burgoyne

On Saratoga plain

He left a foot upon the field

But died a traitor’s pain

Lord Haw Haw did as Hitler bade

He joined his broadcast staff

But when the British hanged him then

Lord Haw Haw did not laugh

No one likes a traitor and

Thus none will be surprised

That Mosab Hassan Yousef dead

Will leave this world despised

The turncoat knows he will be used

His new friends will not care

When Mosab Yousef’s sightless eyes

Behold the Judgment Chair



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