Remorse Is A Bitch

The Argentine government has again laid claim to the Falklands, and many believe they are preparing another military attempt at recovering what they consider theirs, the Malvinas, only this time against a much weaker Great Britain than in 1982. Confident of American support, the British were stunned when President Obama declared the United States was neutral in the dispute, particularly since the British establishment, to a man and woman, cheered wildly at the election of Obama. But they now find themselves conflicted. The idol has spat upon them, and they are as a consequence feeling the first faint pangs of remorse as Obama has shown every sign of abandoning the Special Relationship. Obama has clearly said to our oldest and most faithful ally, “It’s over, babe. I’m just not into you that much.”



For Brits remorse is setting in

They don’t know which is which

The guy they cheered for then to win

Has run them in the ditch

They thought that he was just like them

Cut in their liberal niche

But he’s not like your standard Dem

The mopey dopey rich

No, O is not your cup of tea

You will not like his pitch

He doesn’t like you, don’t you see

Remorse is such a bitch



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