Our leaders and betters believe that what they think and what they do reflects the actual world, when in fact there are worlds where their actions would be completely wrong and thus counterfactual. I spoke to a man from a counterfactual world recently and asked what he thought about the war in the Middle East. He said, “What war is that? The Ottomans had it under control last I heard.” He then explained exactly what had happened.

A Hittite soldier killed by the Mizziri
A death that fate held to be counterfactual
Led to a world that differed much too clearly
From what you foolish people think is actual
The Hittite DNA that thus was missing
From future gene pools that produced your times
Resulted in some delicate moist kissing
Producing numbers that were all sub-primes
Thus many people were not born to  you here
And then of course were those who really were
Who weren’t born in my world which is quite near
As well some hims of yours to us were her
In short no Washington no revolution
We all remained under the British crown
You see it is explained by evolution
In 1914 no World War went down
We had no Hitler. Duce or Joe Stalin
So naturally our paths differed from yours
We had of course our creatures who went prowlin’
And guys who rode in on a snow white horse
The names were different but the history written
About the same when all is said and done
But we give thanks that you not us were smitten
With treasonously reptiles like The One

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